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1994 Cobra
RNH 331ci Stroker, RNH Ported Performer RPM heads, FTI Custom Hyd Roller cam, ATI P1SC with a 3 core intercooler, all work from the body kit, engine, interior and suspension was done by us. This a real mean street car, even has A/C for those hot Florida days.
Brandon's SN95
Nasty RNH Dart based 364" monster, AFR 205 heads, Probe shaft rockers, RNH ported Super Victor Intake, Camshaft Innovations BIG Billet solid roller, and a Pro Systems carb. Looking to go deep 9's on a small shot of N2O.
Henry's 2003 Mach 1
SLP headers, SLP X-pipe, 4:10 gears, and it is tuned with a SCT tuner. This car is a beautiful street car that will grab all 4 gears at will.
Multiple Show Winner
RNH built 302ci, RNH ported Holley heads, RNH ported Holley intake, TFS Stage II cam, Vortech A-Trim, 80mm Pro-M, 38# Lucas Injectors, etc. All the wires are hidden in the engine bay, along with many custom Alum and Stainless Steel covers and brackets. Multiple Show Winner.
Steve's SVO
12.7 @ 109mph and this car is strictly a bolt on piece!. Steve has been a long time Canadian customer who relies on RNH TQ box supports to keep everything in shape on hard launches. Steve has installed the supports on every Mustang he has owned over the past few years, they take the hard Canadian winters with no issues.
Mike's LX Hatchback
RNH lightweight 347ci stroker, FTI Prepped TFS heads, Custom FTI Cam, TFS R intake, all tuned with a AFM PMS. This car is a high rpm street sleeper that show's it tail lights to the competition.
Vortech-blown 2001 GT Nate's LX
331ci, with Edelbrock Victor Jr heads, TFS-R Intake, Camshaft Innovations custom Hyd roller, AFM PMS, etc.
John Hartman's LX Feature Car
Super clean teal notchback featuring a RNH Performance Aluminum wing. Featured in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords. You can also check out the December 2005 issue of FORD Builder for a feature on this 10 second 508rwhp street sleeper that gets 22mpg.
Bill "Perky" Perkins
Custom RNH Performance race wing and relies on RNH Performance Engine Building Services on his RAM Racing N/A Drag Radial Car  www.ramracing.us (formerly NMRA Pure Street  5).  The new 345ci NA combo has been 9.84 @ 140mph on MT Drag Radials  with very little testing, with some recent additons we are looking to go even quicker.  There is nothing like the sound on a 9000rpm small block.
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